Neck Hammock Pain Relief Stretcher


Can be used anywhere - the neck hammock can wrap around any door, railing or pole, giving you the flexibility to use it anywhere; gently stretching anywhere, relaxing and restoring the neck and shoulders. Use after a long flight in the hotel room, or after a stressful day in a comfortable home.

Refresh your entire body - stretch your neck through cervical traction, oxygenate your body, increase blood circulation, reduce pain, and improve mobility.

Ergonomic Design - The Neck Hammock is a Authentic, Original and Safe Method for Neck and Shoulders Pain Relief. Results in Instant Pain Relief.

Stretch Daily - take 10 minutes a day to stretch your neck properly and relieve tension! Suitable for men and women who need a better neck, back and shoulders.

Inner Core Material: Memory Cotton (Polyurethane)
Coat Material: Cotton + Knitted Fabric
Color: light gray

Package included:
1x Neck Hammock